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Satan’s Seduction Kansas City, KS Strippers

The Naughtiest Strippers in Kansas City, KS

Kansas City, KS offers many options when it comes to strippers. As a result, when you search for “Kansas City strippers” in Google you will end up with so many agencies that it can make your mind spin. Satan’s Seduction takes care of all of the headache and unknowns when it comes to selecting the best exotic dancer agency. We only hire the sexiest and finest females that the Kansas City, KS has to offer. Our strippers have been vetted and we select only the cream of the crop. We get applications everyday from girls visiting from out of town to seasoned veterans in the industry.

As a result, we cannot hire every stripper looking for a job and we only select the very best that stand out from the crowd. Satan’s Seduction provides high quality exotic dancer entertainment services for all types of events. Our clients range from guys celebrating a bachelor party to girls celebrating divorce parties to everything in between. If you’re looking to spice up your next office holiday party, contact us today and we will send one of our naughty strippers to your next big event. All of our girls are trained to provide an amazing show whether it is a solo act or a girl-on-girl fantasy show. We adhere to all laws and only provide dancing and strip-teases only.

Hiring a Stripper

We know that most people don’t hire strippers on a regular basis so it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the choices and agencies to choose from. With so many hot girls how is a guy supposed to choose? Well do not worry, we are here to guide you through every step of the process. Hiring a stripper is almost as easy as ordering food from Uber Eats. You simply click Reserve Now and fill out all of the information including the date and time of your party and the type of dancer you would like to have. If there are any special requests for costume or music you can put that down on the checkout form as well.

We know that every party is distinct and different and as a result we try to provide only the best in exotic dancer entertainment services to customize each party to fit each client’s needs. Some parties are more wild and crazy and require a special type of stripper to handle the party-goers. Meanwhile, other parties might be more shy and tame and require a different type of stripper to get everybody in the mood. Regardless of what you are celebrating or what the type of guests are at your party, we have the very best strippers for you. Please reserve your strippers as early as possible. Once they are all reserved then we cannot accommodate any additional parties.

What Separates Us From Other Stripper Booking Agencies

The girls from Satan’s Seduction are not like the other girls you would get with any other stripper booking agency. We take the time and effort to vet our dancers before sending them out to do parties. While other agencies may catfish you with fake photos and personas, we are very transparent. We are proud of the girls who work for us. Each stripper that dances for one of our clients is a reflection of our company image as well. As a result, we only provide the highest quality dancers at affordable rates. Other agencies would charge an arm and a leg for the girls we provide.

Our dancers are happy with us because we only get them the very best clients. We do not book every party that we receive because sometimes we feel that we do not have the right dancer for the job. As a result, we may be honest with you and ask that you book with a different agency. However, for those who are only looking for the highest quality strippers, then we have the right girls for you. We do not cut corners when it comes to working with only the finest exotic dancers in the Kansas City, KS area. Most of our dancers come from word of mouth or direct applications through our website. We do not post on Craigslist looking for random girls to send to parties.

Cost of Kansas City, KS Strippers

One stripper starts at $250 for one hour depending on the location of your party. Two strippers cost $500 and three cost $750. When you book more than one stripper you can get a girl-on-girl fantasy show which involves the girls breaking out the toys and playing games with the guests and themselves. The strippers tend to work together in groups so they are usually quite comfortable with each other. Single girl shows are perfect for party up to four guests. For five or more guests we would recommend two or three girls.

We want to make sure that all of the guests are entertained and that nobody feels left out. If you are located outside of Kansas City then it would cost more money. If you are not sure if the cost please give us a call and we will determine the rate for you. 

How to Hire a Stripper

Regardless of which adult entertainment agency you choose, you should always be wary of the following:

  • Check for 5 star Google reviews
  • Hire only the best strippers in Kansas City, KS
  • Find the sexiest strippers near you
  • Make sure the strippers are friendly and affordable
  • Hire exotic dancers near your location
  • Know how much to tip the strippers
  • Do a Google search for “strippers near me”


Bachelor Party

Satan’s Seduction has the perfect Kansas City strippers solutions to your bachelor party needs. Whether you are celebrating with just a few buddies or a large party, we have the sexiest exotic dancers. Our strippers come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities so we have a wide range of girls that you can choose from. They are also well-trained to make sure that all of the party guests are having fun. The last thing we want is to have somebody feeling left out because they are shy or introverted.

Our bachelor party strippers will do a strip-tease and lap-dance and depending on how many strippers you hired. Some will even do a girl-on-girl-fantasy show. The possibilities are endless. We’ve had bachelor parties where the strippers helped “kidnap” the bachelor and they went for a journey of a lifetime. We’ve had bachelor parties where the strippers surprised the lucky man on his last night of freedom. Our dancers are flexible and work with clients to provide the best bachelor party experience in Kansas City, KS. We know there are many options available in Kansas City. However, a night with the ladies of Satan’s Seduction is the best way to go to send your buddy off to the married life. Give us a call today to learn more.

Birthday Party

Nobody likes getting old but at least you can make it fun with some of Satan’s Seduction. The Kansas City strippers can jump out of a birthday cake for you, help surprise the birthday boy or just dress up in the outfit of his dreams and give him the lap-dance of a lifetime. What better way to celebrate another year than to have some sexy strippers feed you birthday cake? We know that not everybody enjoys celebrating their birthday so you might as well make it fun with some of the finest ladies in Kansas City, KS.

With so many options to choose from your biggest job is to decide which exotic dancer is your favorite. We’ve had strippers surprise the birthday boy in the restaurant of their choice. We’ve had strippers sing happy birthday to the birthday boy (and girl). Regardless of what your plan is, our ladies and booking agents are standing by to help you coordinate and plan everything along the way. You can contact us with any questions or concerns at anytime.

Divorce Party

Divorce can be stressful for both parties so relax with a sexy stripper from Satan’s Seduction. Our sexy dancers are available to help you get your mind off things. They can even help you get back to the dating scene! What better way to practice your cold-approach than to have a stripper give you a lap-dance and then give you some pointers on how to find your next significant other? Better yet, just enjoy your newly found single life with one of our sexy ladies and she wraps her legs around you and help you feel better.

Don’t waste your time feeling bad about yourself or thinking about the divorce. You were better off on your own anyway. Now is the time for your to revamp yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. You have opened up a new chapter in your life where you can take control of your career and love life and discover new passions. Our strippers will help you every step along the way starting with the divorce party of a lifetime. Reserve your exotic dancer today and they will help you get your mind off things!

Guys’ Night Out (or In)

Want to spend some quality time with the boys and looking for something fun to do? Tired of going to the same clubs and bars every weekend? Well let us send the party right to your doorstep. You don’t need a special reason to party with Kansas City strippers. You can always order one in, just like you would order a pizza. Our strippers can show up to your doorstep with the costume of your choice and give you and your friends the party of a lifetime. The girls will make sure that everybody is having fun and entertained. There’s no better bonding experience with the boys than with some sexy topless women rubbing herself all over you. So ditch the bars and clubs next time with the boys and spend some quality time with the sexy strippers of Satan’s Seduction.

Any Occasion 

Whether you are celebrating a graduation, promotion or just any random day, you can always reserve a stripper to add a little more spice to your party. Our girls are ready for any occasion so you don’t need a special reason to party with some of the finest ladies that Kansas City has to offer. The girls at Satan’s Seduction are always ready to rip their clothes off for you and your friends at a moment’s notice.

So if you have any special big events coming up, or if you just feel bored and want to party with some sexy ladies, give us a call today and we will help you reserve the best stripper for your private event. Our strippers are very flexible and can cater their performances to whatever you are celebrating. There’s never a need for a special event, we believe that everyday is a blessing and special event and that is a good enough reason to party with some sexy strippers.

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The Sexy Strippers

Below is just a sample of the ladies of Satan’s Seduction. We have many other dancers who do not wish to have their photos displayed on the website. Some of our dancers work full-time jobs while others are going to school. Some of them do not want their families or friends finding out about their side jobs. Regardless, we always respect the privacy and decision of our dancers. If you’d like to see pictures of some of the other girls we have available, please feel free to call or text us at (347) 781-5180.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in employment or if you have any questions about the strippers, please feel free to fill out the form below. If you are applying, please include a recent photo as well as your name and the city you reside in. We typically respond to questions and applications within 24 hours.

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